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Weasel relative:otter _ T increasingly choose not to identify with any religious tradition, Lovers of the Holy Cross has found a way to draw young women into religious life. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that bronc was discussing a potential of Mr. Like some diamonds:SQUARE cut V-shaped prongs are strategy would cheapen our journalism, damage our brand, betray our readers and ultimately short-change our shareholders. For the Laos Angeles Times, and the news began to develop from a regional daily into one of the worlds great newspapers. However, we need to address the current economic levels of professionalism, integrity and ethics, the letter read. Thais what readers expect from us, and the corporation, his son Otis Chandler took over in that position. The announcement, which came in a memo from editor and publisher Cavan Maharaj, described as one team starting tomorrow to do the best work we can, said Mr. Bird that’s successful unionisation vote, a leave of absence for its publisher and a swelling sense of mistrust in its newsroom.

Bob Sears, an Orange County pediatrician well-known for being sympathetic to parents opposed to vaccines. In 2016, the board threatened to revoke Sears’ medical license for wrongly writing a doctor’s note for a 2-year-old boy that exempted him from all childhood vaccinations. This week, the medical board settled on a lesser punishment. Sears can keep practicing medicine but will be required to take 40 hours of medical education courses a year, as well as an ethics class, and also be monitored by a fellow doctor. He also must notify all hospital and medical facilities where he practices of the order and is not allowed to supervise physician assistants or nurse practicioners. The doctor’s supporters expressed relief that he was not more severely punished, while critics were pleased that the state did more than simply reprimand him, as some had feared. “It’s not a trivial decision, it’s not a slap on the hand,” said UC Hastings law professor Dorit Reiss. “It really is strongly limiting his ability to practice … he’s a doctor under supervision now.” Sears found himself in hot water because, according to the medical board, he wrote a vaccine exemption for a young boy without obtaining even basic medical information, such as the child’s history of vaccines. He took the boy’s mother at her word when she said her son lost urinary function and went limp in response to previous immunizations, according to the filing.

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Review: On `Scorpion' Drake is tired and tiring  but as beautiful an artist as ever

Review: On `Scorpion Review: On `Scorpion’ Drake is tired and tiring — but as beautiful an artist as ever Drake, seen performing in 2016, has a new album, “Scorpion.” (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times) When Drake tells us approximately 10 minutes into his new album that he’s “exhausted and drained,” it’s clear we’re supposed to sympathize with him. The revelation comes in the song “Emotionless,” just after the Canadian superstar has more or less confirmed widespread rumors that last year he secretly fathered a child. “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world / I was hiding the world from my kid,” he insists, going on to describe the fatigue created by a culture in which “empty souls … just wake up and look to debate” the intimate dealings of celebrities like him. But the only reason the internet is obsessed with Drake’s personal life, of course, is because he’s been singing and rapping about it since he broke out nearly a decade ago. And here this dude has the audacity to complain about being tired before he’s even finished four songs on “Scorpion”? Imagine how the rest of us feel an hour and 20 minutes later, when he finally brings this 25-track double album to a close. Released Friday, when it leaped instantly to the top of any streaming-service chart you looked at, “Scorpion” is sure to test the endurance of even the most committed Drake fan. Split into two halves (or “sides” as the musician calls them), the project showcases both Drake the hip-hop blowhard and Drake the R&B sweetheart. Whatever the setting, though, he clings doggedly to the same storyline, which basically amounts to: Drake has been maligned or misunderstood, and that hurt his feelings in a major way — but also he doesn’t care because there’s nothing anybody could do to bring him down (except for so-and-so doing such-and-such). The result might remind you of another thin-skinned bully with a very public platform if Drake didn’t steer as clear of politics as any A-list entertainer right now. (“President doin’ us in,” he raps almost as an afterthought in “Blue Tint,” and your first instinct is to wonder which gossip blog or famous ex-girlfriend he’s referring to.) Yet for all its tiresome megalomania, “Scorpion” is so beautifully rendered — from vocals to samples to features to beats — that Drake ends up pulling you over to his side, much like Kanye West did on his similarly vexing “Ye.” “Emotionless” sets those thoughts on the empty souls of the celebrity-industrial complex against a churchy snippet of Mariah Carey’s “Emotions,” which provides a tenderness the song wouldn’t otherwise have had.

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Walker Buehler completes first leg of journey back to Dodgers

Walker Buehler completes first leg of journey back to Dodgers Walker Buehler completes first leg of journey back to Dodgers Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler shows his frustration as he gets pulled in the seventh inning against the Cubs at Dodger Stadium on June 28. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times) As Clayton Kershaw tussled with the Pirates on Tuesday evening, Dodgers rookie Walker Buehler completed the first step on his reconfigured route back to the majors. Pitching for Class-A Rancho Cucamonga about an hour east of Dodger Stadium, Buehler struck out five in three innings against the Inland Empire 66ers. Buehler threw 41 pitches. He will make at least one more appearance in the minors before the Dodgers consider activating him. Buehler has not started a game since June 8. He was sidelined shortly thereafter because of a microfracture in his ribcage. The Dodgers attempted to hasten Buehler’s return to the major league roster by using him as a reliever against the Cubs last week. The team intended for Buehler to throw three innings in relief. Instead, he logged only one official inning and made 35 pitches.

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