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On Mexicos Migrant Trail: Confusion and Tough Choices

In Mexico, she heard about the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy at the border. “What bad luck,” she said.CreditAlejandro Cegarra for The New York Times And an increasing number of those who try to enter the United States, migrants’ advocates say, will heed the siren call of human smugglers, who will argue that under the new policies, they are the migrants’ best hope for getting across the border with their children. The smugglers will even be able to increase their prices for the work as a result of the Trump administration’s policy, advocates predict. “Any restrictive measure in terms of migration and refuge is going to favor the business of the transnational criminal networks,” said Ramón Márquez, director of La 72, a migrant shelter in Tenosique, Mexico. Toasting tortillas over a fire at the Jesús El Buen Pastor del Pobre y el Migrante Shelter in Tapachula, Lucía Carmen Flores Sánchez was the rare migrant who had not heard that new policies north of the border meant prosecuting anyone making unauthorized entry to the United States, which had resulted in the separation of about 2,000 children from their parents in the past six weeks. Many of the people fleeing Central America say they are escaping the deadly gangs there; most are from El Salvador and Honduras. Ms. Flores, 27, who was traveling from El Salvador with her mother and her 8-year-old daughter, had planned to reunite with her father, in Baja California, and then find a way to cross with her daughter into the United States. “Maybe better to stay in Baja California,” Ms.

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But other council members voted against the resolution, saying they wanted to see more tangible action. Councilman Perry K. Waring said he wanted more to be done to empower the city’s African-American community. “As a descendant of slaves, I cannot support this resolution,” he said. Councilman Harry Griffin also said that the city needed to address other issues first. Mr. Griffin abruptly ended his comments after the crowd interrupted him when he said he would not support the resolution. The resolution acknowledged that “fundamental to the economy of colonial and antebellum Charleston was slave labor, Charleston prospering as it did due to the expertise, ingenuity and hard labor of enslaved Africans who were forced to endure inhumane working conditions that produced wealth for many, but which was denied to them.” Before the vote, dozens of people spoke in favor of the resolution. Some warned it should not be a last step, but one toward equality in the form of opportunities for black entrepreneurs and racial equity training. [ If there have been divisions in your community over an event or an emblem, we’d like to hear from you.

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